About real estate NFTs

The real estate and crypto markets are both underutilizing technology, and this creates an enormous financial opportunity.

One way to think about the deficiency in the real estate market is that it is mostly cut off from the internet and web3. It is illiquid, it takes 60-90 days to sell, and it has limited lending opportunities. As a result, real estate cannot take advantage of the value of smart contracts to close deals instantly, and DeFi has no access to the accretive value of real estate.

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Minutes to Sale

Buy a property in under 10 minutes using USDC on Fantom.



LiquidEarth NFTs are valid in all 50 states in the USA.


Properties to NFT

Bring any property to LiquidEarth and turn it into an NFT.

We have only one goal: To help you find your dream home

Find any residential property on the MLS, and we'll make an NFT of the property. Global innovators have turned their attention to the real estate industry as the next NFT opportunity. This merger of the world’s oldest and newest asset classes could very well prove to be the single biggest utility for NFTs, and also the next step in the evolution of real estate.

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Our Story - Realtor X Webflow Template

NFT issuance.

Keeping up with the speed of innovation

In its current state, the real estate industry is heavily dependent on brokers who connect buyers and sellers. The transfer of property ownership is time-consuming requiring extensive paperwork. Moreover, the real estate industry is fragmented, and buyers are limited by geographical boundaries. This increases the difficulty for international property purchasers.

Meet our NFT real estate advisors

Connect with the world's first NFT real estate agents! All of their stellar properties can be made into NFTs. The team comes to us via our partnership with Engel & Voelker Coconut Grove, Miami.

The values that drive everything we do

NFTs arrived on the scene predominantly as a speculative asset, but as dubious projects fade away and bubbles deflate, the utility of the technology underpinning NFTs will stand the test of time. NFTs already have use cases in the art, finance, and entertainment industries, but their integration with real estate will eventually be their single biggest real-world use case.

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Scams such as title fraud are prevalent in the real estate industry, but LiquidEarth's real estate NFTs offer the transparency and security of the blockchain to ensure safe transactions. In the event of a loss, theft, or fraud, LiquidEarth can deploy a mechanism to issue a new NFT to its proper owner. It also freezes transfer of ownership for any NFT that's been reported stolen.

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Phase 2 of the rollout will incorporate more advanced DeFi features like liquid staking, where holders can directly stake their NFTs to lend out their value and receive rewards in the form of FYA tokens.

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LiquidEarth integrates with Fireblocks for secure institutional custody.

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All NFTs are vetted by our legal team to ensure all documents and disclosures are included in the NFT Registry.

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US Focussed

We are starting in the US with a focus on compliance, but expanding globally in 2023.